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5 Things Bunguo Can Make For You Easier

When the idea of going to next country pops up in your mind, you already feel absolutely excited and overjoyed thinking of potential best experience in your life. The thoughts about new people, different culture, unusual food, amazing opportunities, and the feeling of true life without any borders make your heart beat faster way too far before a trip.

Ireland attracts internationals with one of the best educational systems in the whole world, being close to opportunities in global companies, and status of Europe's most entrepreneurial country. Therefore, the country attracts high school graduates who are willing to pursue their higher education in Ireland; currently the country’s educational system offers around 5000 (!) internationally recognised qualifications. Graduates of universities who desire to broaden their knowledge on master degree, are actively looking through Irish university programs, which would be of their interest. Students who would like to get experience and new skills, and, of course, enthusiasts who are looking for job of their dream are sending resumes to the most successful companies in Ireland.

Students from all over the world come to Ireland as their internship abroad destination and already take advantage of opportunities the country gives them. Ireland offers amazing both volunteer and paid internships, which later may result in getting permanent job. Everything sounds amazing and breathtaking before it comes to legalisation of your stay in Ireland and being accepted to the desired place.

You may forget about several obstacles, which can challenge you in the first place. Fortunately for you, Bunguo is a team of people who can face each of them and make your arrival to Ireland much easier!

What Career Should I Pursue?

Trying to figure out what specialisation you should study can be tricky, especially if you are offered an enormous number of choices. If people did not have options from which to choose, oh well, the life would be so much easier. Yet, this is not a choice of burger in McDonald’s but an important decision, which will definitely influence almost every aspect of your life. That is why it is useful to think of what you would be interested in, which skills you have, and where they can be used the best. You can either advise with your parents, siblings, or friends, but if you are still undecided, it is a good idea to talk to experts. Bunguo team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and ease your concerns. Contact us for a career advice because we can help you decide on career easier.

Where Should I Apply?

If you have already decided in which field you want to be involved, the another step is to choose a university/company. Well, this is the moment when you need to set specific requirements regarding the placement and to choose it accordingly. Such requirements can be study programs, tuition, program length, and establishment status for universities and earnings, company’s image, and benefits for internship/ work placements. Of course, you can take it easy and pick any of the places offered, but is it worth to risk and make a mistake just because a proper evaluation was not done? The answer is no. So, the option you are left with is to compare all the placements yourself and spend a good amount of time excluding the ones, which do not follow the requirements.

Yet, if you have a deadline to apply or not much time to go through all characteristics of all universities in Ireland, Bunguo is here to help you. All you need to do is to state your needs and the team will find you the best school according to your expectations and plans. The same is with Internship and job; this is just as easy as it is stated!

*The consultation on finding a right school for students is free of charge!

How Do I Apply?

There is no problem with being stressed out about an application process in university abroad. Some of the placements may have different stages of application to be followed, which may be complicated and a little bit stressing. The main rule here is to follow the deadline and instructions. Yet, if you feel like not handling it very well because after all you are applying not only to one placement but several, it is better to give it a shot and let people to help you. This is another thing, which Bunguo can make for you easier. In result, your applications will be sent to the placements you prefer according to the deadlines and you will be guided through the whole process of getting in!

Do I Need Visa?

If you got lucky (well not lucky but you truly deserved it) and you got accepted either to university or a new job/internship, it is a moment for pure joy because one more step is required to hit the Irish territory. You need a document for a legal stay in the country. If getting a visa in your country scares you because of millions requirements, it is better to be guided by specialists in order to meet the deadlines and follow the steps right. It is totally a bad idea to think that all countries have the same entry requirements; in order to save time and money, it is better to check whether you need a visa for entering the foreign country. If you feel like you will not be able to manage it, contact Bunguo team and we will be happy to help you!

How Do I Take Most Out Of My Experience Abroad? Well, that’s a pickle!

Just kidding. The answer is hit the Bunguo blog. Best spots in Dublin this summer, 5 food to taste in Ireland, jazz pubs in the city, and many other helpful tips are waiting for you in our blog. Let us make your experience in Ireland amazing!

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